Fronk Oil Company, Inc.

  • Fronk Oil Company, Inc.
Refined Fuels
For 69 Years Fronk Oil has been known for their dependable Service. No matter what size delivery from 200 to 8500 Gallons we can handle your needs. All orders are delivered the next working day and some even the same day the product is ordered.

Propane has always been a “Green” fuel. We started in the propane business back before drilling rigs were using diesel engines. No matter what size delivery, we have the truck that fits the application. Propane is easy to transport and used in areas where natural gas is not available. We proudly service all of your propane needs in the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles as well as SouthWest Kansas.

We offer a variety of lubricants: antifreeze, solvent, methanol, greases, gear oils, motor oils, hydraulic oils, natural gas engine oils, diesel exhaust fluid, brake fluids, etc.
718 S 2nd Street, Canadian, 79014, TX,
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Amie Rosson
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